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The Various Roads to Safer Roads Our world’s fascination and dependence on automotive travel date back over a century and during that time there have been many technical advancements Jul 19, 2021
The Coopers: Amy, Meet Christian Will the District Attorney continue with the case, given Mr. Cooper’s stance? If so, will Ms. Cooper plead guilty? And if so, what sentence should be imposed on her? Jul 05, 2021
Unsaintly Behaviour At St. Mike’s There has been much written about the recent ugly incidents at Toronto’s St. Michael’s College School involving young teenaged students and their sports teams Jun 18, 2021
A Few Good Lawyers Atticus Finch, the lead lawyer in Harper Lee’s much celebrated American novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, represents the best traits in a defence lawyer and in a person. Jun 04, 2021
Where Were You … On August 10, 1973? Now, how about the special personal moments you’ll never forget, is there a date and moment that is forever etched in your mind? Here’s one of mine: August 10, 1973. May 21, 2021
Be Like Jack: Fireplace Installation, Problem Solving and the Art of Client Relationships Over the years, I’ve tried to live these principles and share them with the people in my office. Treat the case and our client like they were a close friend or family member. May 07, 2021
Trial by Zoom Many cases that previously required accused persons, lawyers, police officers and witnesses to attend busy and crowded courtrooms in person are now being done by video, audio and / or email. Apr 23, 2021
One Innocent Person To be found guilty of a criminal offence, the proof needs to be more than just a balance of probabilities, which is the standard applied in civil law matters. Apr 01, 2021
Remembrance Day: Don’t Shut Out The Light To all our Veterans, thank you for your service and sacrifice, and may we never shut out the light on you. Mar 26, 2021
Back To The Future What would you have done differently in the past and, more importantly, what future life decisions are you going to make? Mar 12, 2021
One Year Later It certainly has been a blur of stay-at-home orders, lockdowns, easing of restrictions, tightening of restrictions, easing of stay at home orders, tightening of lockdowns, ever changing restrictions on the restrictions Feb 21, 2021
Your Future is Bright For those of you who have been charged by the police in the past and have gone through our court system, the impact on your life likely has had long lasting consequences Feb 12, 2021
"No Dear, We Know What’s Best For You" Domestic violence is generally defined as occurring when one partner in an intimate relationship abuses the other. Under Ontario’s domestic violence strategy, the police have a mandatory charging policy in such cases. Jan 29, 2021
3 Rules For Choosing Your Lawyer When choosing your criminal or traffic offence lawyer for that critical time you need one, these 400 words and 3 simple rules will suffice. Jan 14, 2021
The Zen of Happy Hour These days, happy hour has been commercialized by bars and pubs, where the price for drinks and appetizers are significantly discounted for a few happy hours, usually to attract the after-work crowd. Dec 26, 2019
Of Lawyers, Authors and Rock Stars Dream Baby Dream . . . lessons from The Boss. Jul 04, 2018
Everyone Has a Plan Until … Ted Yoannou's advice. May 31, 2018
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