Ted, I’m so happy, thank you again for attending court for me so many times and for having the charges ultimately withdrawn. You were very patient with this case and you fought every step of the way for me. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer.


Ted, I would like to express my deepest gratitude with regards to the excellent and professional handling of my recent Impaired Care and Control case in Brampton.

I feel that you and your administrative staff were very supportive and genuinely excellent in managing the important aspects of my legal challenge.

I am overjoyed at the outcome (charges dismissed) and will always think of you with the most positive and highest regards. Thank you so very much for what you have done for me, you are my heroes!

-T.C., Mississauga

Dear Ted,

I have never had to use a lawyer before in my life until last year and my first dance with one left a bad taste in my mouth and left me jaded. The lawyer I last had cost me 30 days in jail, did no preparations for my case last year and didn’t seem to care.

You have re-instilled my and my family’s faith in lawyers, well, at least some of them. You were very personable, compassionate, understanding, efficient, and goal driven. You actually sat down and talked to me as a person who just hit a bump in life’s road rather than just another client.

You drew up a plan, initiated it, and did what we agreed to. I am humbled, and forever thankful for you seeing the real person in front of you, and not just what was on paper.

I have the utmost respect for you as a lawyer but more importantly, as a person. A person who sees that good people make mistakes and need honest help. You did that and I thank you, my fiancée thanks you and my whole family thanks you!

-CY, Peel Region

Hi Ted,

Just driving past your building and thought of you. I want to thank you again for all you have done for me and my family, much appreciated!

-DP, Richmond Hill
(had his criminal charges in York Region withdrawn)

I would like to thank-you on behalf of myself and family for all your hard work and understanding during the time I was your client. You have always expressed care and concern where it was needed and have helped me move forward towards my future. I will continue to appreciate this for possibly the rest of my life. You are a terrific lawyer and if I can do anything to recommend you, I will.

You have been wonderful for our family and I will never forget it.

-The G & H family, Oshawa

Dear Ted

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I remember the day that I retained you to represent me. You didn’t judge me and I didn’t get a feeling of disgust (as I might have given someone who came before you like myself ). Instead I left your office with a feeling that you were in my corner, had my back and would help me get this horrible chapter of my life over and in my past.

I believe that things happen for a reason, and that in some strange way that this was necessary for me. It has made me a better man, father and husband. But none of it would have been possible without you and all of your hard work, thank you.

Rest assured Ted that if our paths should one day cross again it will never again be under these circumstances. Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial of the work you do for your clients. I would be more than happy to serve as a reference to anyone considering retaining your services.

Thank you very much,

(a married, father of four residing in Toronto – criminal charges in Brampton were withdrawn, preserving his clean record)

I found both Ted and his office staff were very friendly and helpful. I had tried a number of other lawyers that I had looked up on the Internet, but wasn’t very satisfied by their price nor the fact that they didn’t seem to care whether they got my business or not. Also, Ted treated 2 separate incidences as a continuance of the other, which saved me a substantial amount of money. The fact that the offices of Ted C. Yoannou and Associates took my son’s case on such short notice (court date was 3 days away) was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Ted and his colleagues without any hesitation.

Just knowing that the case was being handled by them, put my mind at ease.

Halton Region
(Assault, Mischief and Fail to Comply)

Hi Ted,

Just wanted to send a huge thanks for your excellent work with my son on Wednesday.

He feels he has a life again!

All the Best,

Ajax, ON
(mother of teenager who had Theft and Breach of Bail charges withdrawn in the Oshawa Courthouse)

This is great news for us, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!! I have called my husband and my entire clan here in Canada and abroad and we are all very happy. It is such very good news for us to start the year ahead. As a matter of fact I was still in tears while I was writing this email. I couldn’t believe it but I knew from the very start that we’ve got the best lawyer in town.

Rest assured that we will recommend you to our friends and family who may be in need of your services. Thanks again and again and we wish you and your entire team all the best!!

North York
(Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving and Fraud)

Ted, Sarah and Team,
Hope everything is okay. I’m so overwhelmed and happy with the result of my case and I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks for all the support and help everyone contributed to make this happen.

Ted, I can’t thank you enough for being very accommodating the first time I met you at your office. I appreciate how you patiently explained and walked me through the process of my case. It was your sincerity that really made me confident to know that I’ll be in good hands. Thank you for letting Sarah work with my case. Her knowledge and expertise dealing with the case is commendable, a true value and asset to your team.

Sarah, how can I thank you for everything? Thank you for being so patient with me, especially for responding to my countless emails and clarifying some matters I’m not familiar or confused with. Thank you for guiding me through and helping me come up with the best and wisest decision for my case.

For the rest of the team, thank you. I’m truly grateful for all the time and effort each one of you spent. I’m glad I met each one of you. Ted, you do have a great team worth recommending.

(Domestic Assault charges – withdrawn)

Hi Ted and Sarah,

I want to thank you both for your advice, passion and hard work. I could not be happier with the services you have provided me during this case.

I am especially happy with the results, and I know it would not have been possible without your excellent expertise. I will not hesitate to provide your contact and a glowing recommendation in the future.

Thanks you again and again!

Richmond Hill
(drug possession charges – withdrawn)

Thank you very much for your effort and great job done for me. Your team work was great and really efficient. I wish you all the best. I wish you all the best!


When my wife and I got the call from the police that our son had been in an accident and was being charged with Impaired Driving and Over 80, it felt like one of the worst days of our lives. We called Ted Yoannou right away as he had helped us with a couple of minor incidents in the past and we knew we could trust him to help our son. Ted explained everything to us and he and his office attended all our court appearances so that we didn’t have to miss work and school.

In the end, Ted was able to arrange for all the criminal charges to be completely withdrawn. My son learned a valuable lesson from all this and we have imposed some important consequences, but we are so thankful that he doesn’t have a criminal record that will hinder his future employment and travel opportunities. Whenever I have a legal issue, I call Ted and I fully trust him to provide honest and expert advice.


I was charged with Domestic Assault by the police in late November. I had never had any trouble with the police before and I had no idea what to do. I was told I had to live with my friend and could not have any contact with my family. My first court appearance was supposed to be December 30th, meaning that I was not going to be allowed home for Christmas with my wife and daughter.

Luckily, I was referred to Ted Yoannou by a neighbourhood legal clinic. Ted met with me right away and arranged for my bail conditions to be changed in December before Christmas so that I could spend the holidays with my family. Ted also reached an agreement with the Crown Attorney whereby the charge will ultimately be withdrawn. This is very important to me as I am an engineer and cannot afford to have any criminal record. I am in a counselling program and my charge will be withdrawn once I complete the program.

Ted has met with me several times and has been very patient and understanding of the stress and pressure this has caused my family. My life with my wife and daughter is much better now. Without Ted’s quick and expert action, my case may have dragged on for months. Thanks so much to Ted and his office for their professional service.


My friends and I did something silly, playing around with a pellet gun near a public pool area. We ended up accidentally hitting someone and we were charged by the police with Assault with a Weapon and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon. I had never met Ted Yoannou before, but I found him in the office building next to the courthouse. He met with me right away and I was impressed with his knowledge and confidence.

After he spoke with the Crown Attorney, he coordinated reference letters, volunteer work and a letter of apology from me The charges were then all dropped. This was very important to me as I am only 20 years old and I go to college and have a part time job. If I got a criminal record for this, I might not be able to have the future I want for myself. I’ll never be in trouble again but if I know anyone who is, I will highly recommend the law firm of Ted Yoannou.


We got into a mess when we had a big argument at a hospital over the way the hospital people were treating our sick friend and us. It became a big shouting match and the police were called and they ended up charging us with Assault and Causing a Disturbance. This didn’t seem fair at all, but we didn’t have a lot of money for lawyers as we are young and still in school.

Luckily, we found the law firm of Ted Yoannou. Ted was very patient with us and explained everything. Everyone in his office was incredibly friendly and helpful. After Ted and Ron had meetings with the Crown Attorney and a Judge, they were able to arrange to have all the charges withdrawn, saving us so much time, stress and money. Thank you so much!


Well, glad that’s over!! Just wanted to say “thank you” so much for helping me get through such a painful and troubling ordeal – it would have been a much worse hell to endure without your guidance, knowledge and support. It truly was a blessing for me that fate would have you help me sort my way through that nightmare.

So life goes on… lesson painfully learned on many fronts. As fond of you as I am, I certainly hope I never have occasion to engage your services again!!! But I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs legal help. Thank you again!


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