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With multiple decades of collective experience within the criminal field, the exclusively selected team of lawyers found only at Ted Yoannou Professional Corporation is your best defence against any charges that you may be facing.

The steps you take if you are facing criminal charges, or even just questioning, in connection with a criminal offence are extremely important as they severely impact your ability to defend your case. There are a few things you can remember if this ever happens to you.

  • Voluntarily offering access to search you or your property as a show of your innocence. While this may seem like a good idea this can severely hurt your case. Never make a voluntary statement to the police without having a lawyer present.
  • Never resist arrest.
  • Always seek to ascertain whether you are under arrest.
  • Never discuss the crimes you have been charged with to anyone except your lawyer.

In order to avoid jeopardizing your case, call a Caledon criminal lawyer with The Firm of Ted Yoannou. As you can see, it is very to make easy mistakes that can seriously damage your ability to have a proper defence. What you may think is harmless and a clear show of innocence on your part can be the total opposite.

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