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We are all human beings and that means that we can be led by our emotions from time to time. Sadness, anger and envy are all some of the feelings that can consume us and lead to gut or instinctual reactions that we cannot go back in time to change. It is very easy to fall into these situations and as with most things prevention is better than cure.

What should you do if you have found yourself in a criminal predicament? Hard question, but very easy answer. You call the Whitby criminal lawyers at the law firm of Ted Yoannou. We have the collective knowledge and experience within the field and can represent you in an efficient and professional manner. Our testimonials are a true indicator of the valued service we offer to all our clients.

Being on the wrong side of the law can be an overwhelming and harrowing ordeal. Whatever the criminal charge we strongly advise you to call and choose a Whitby lawyer from Ted Yoannou Professional Corporation to aid in the arduous process of clearing your name and helping you get your life back.

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Whitby News

Kidnapping and assault in Whitby

Three Whitby natives have found themselves in a legal predicament. Kevin Marrast, Keshia Laford-Carter and Eon Charles are facing charges inclusive of kidnapping, assault and forcible confinement. Uttering threats and assault with a weapon were additional charges against Marrast.

Marrast and Carter were both arrested at the scene and a warrant was issued for Charles’ arrest.

Details are that this dispute derived over money that had not been paid back.  An alleged victim was detained against his will and physically assaulted with a broken bottle and knife over money that had been loaned to him. He escaped only when he convinced them that he could get the money from social services which is where he was driven by his assailants. It is here he alerted the staff of his ordeal and authorities were called.


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