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A lawyer at the law firm of Ted Yoannou can help you determine your steps after being accused of a crime. While recent studies have shown a decrease in crime in Toronto, there are still people who are in need of a solid defense.

You can be charged with a crime for a gamut of reasons. Law enforcement does their investigation and based on their findings attempt to protect alleged victims by punishing their alleged perpetrators to the full extent of the law. Their team of lawyers and investigators are usually experienced and prepared to do their job and you should be in a position to defend yourself.

This is why you need to speak to a lawyer as soon as you are made aware of the charges being brought up against you. Even when you are brought in voluntarily or not for questioning, it is advisable to have legal representation. While each case is different, when you have a skilled lawyer on your side the odds are greatly increased that your sentence will be reduced or the charges against you will be dropped. Having the law firm of The Law Firm of Ted Yoannou represent you is the first step to getting your life back. With your free initial consultation, all we ask is that you be honest about your circumstances. We will be fighting for what you have taken years to build and we are on your side. A strong case can only be built with complete disclosure.

Before passing judgement on yourself or allowing others to do so, you should speak with your lawyer. Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious issue and should be treated as such. It impacts your life in ways that are lasting and damaging, so if you are in the University Ave area and are in need of legal advice, call us at The Law Firm of Ted Yoannou and let us help you in your time of need.

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