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Have you been charged with a criminal offense? You may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next. A good place to start is to, call the Law Firm of Ted Yoannou and request a free initial consultation. Our experience, competence and integrity will help guide you in the best direction for your most favorable outcome.

The phrase “I’m only human” helps explain why we sometimes get ourselves into unfavourable situations. Our emotions like pain, anger and even love can drive us to do things we would not normally do. It is very easy to succumb to our feelings sometimes and the law is in place to help maintain some sort of control. Domestic and other assault related offences are usually borne from just such feelings and with our in-person meetings and constant communication; we offer you the best possible representation.

Being charged with an offense can be embarrassing and while having a support system is imperative during this time some may choose not to divulge their circumstances out of fear of judgement and humiliation. The Law Firm of Ted Yoannou is your best chance at surviving this crisis. We are not here to judge you, our job it to aggressively defend you. Our website is very informative and easy to understand. From our services offered to our many grateful client testimonials, we can assure you the best possible defence.

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