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Pickering News

Twenty year old woman accused of stabbing

Tiffany Webb has a few charges laid against her, some of which include aggravated assault and weapons offences.  Her alleged victim sustained a cut above his eye and a stab wound in the abdomen.  He was treated at a hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Webb initially fled the scene but was apprehended by police soon after in the vicinity of the restaurant where it took place.

Vicious stabbing in Pickering

A party is the last place you would think of a gang style stabbing but this is exactly what happened in Pickering on April 11th of this year.  Just before midnight on that day, two to three hundred party goers were partying at a house on Reytan Boulevard.  

The alleged victim was targeted by a group of young adults who chased, then beat and stabbed a sixteen year old.  The perpetrators fled by car only to return and deliberately continue the onslaught.  The victim suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.  

Durham regional police are pleading for witnesses to come forward as none have done so as yet, even though it is believed that the incident was captured via video cell phone.


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