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Credit Card Fraud in Mississauga

Credit Card Fraud is the unauthorized use of a credit card or any similar payment mechanism to obtain goods, services or funds. In October of 2013, Police arrested three persons, ages 22 and 23 for their involvement in Credit Card Fraud in the Mississauga area.  They were all charged with fraud under $5,000, the possession of falsified credit cards, as well as various other charges.

Credit Card Theft/Fraud Penalty is governed by Section 342 of the Canada Criminal Code. This states that anyone who steals, forges or falsifies a credit card is liable to be found guilty of Credit Card/Fraud Penalty in Canada. Credit Card Theft/Fraud Penalty is not concerned with the direct involvement in the theft, forgery or falsification. A person who is in possession of, uses or traffics a credit card that they know is forged, was made or altered is also liable to be found guilty of Credit Card Theft/Fraud Penalty.  This definition extends to include someone using his/her own credit card with the knowledge that it has been cancelled or revoked.

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