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Break and Entry in Fort Erie

The month of October saw a series of Break and Enters in the Fort Erie area. Fort Erie news accounts say that police have been successful in apprehending a few suspects. The lawyer responsible for defending those who have been apprehended will be knowledgeable about Section 348 of the Canadian Criminal Code, and will host a successful defence if the attorney can show the following:

  1. The individuals did not walk into an unlocked place uninvited.
  2. The individuals did not break out of a place after committing a crime. This holds, even if the individuals were previously given permission to enter that place.

The lawyer will also take special care in making clear to the clients the various meanings attached to the word “place” under the Canadian Criminal Code. Place would be defined as the following:

  1. a dwelling-house in the Fort Erie area;
  2. a building or structure or any part thereof, other than a dwelling-house in the Fort Erie area;
  3. a railway vehicle, a vessel, an aircraft or a trailer in the Fort Erie area; or
  4. A pen or an enclosure in which fur-bearing animals are kept in captivity for breeding or commercial purposes in the Fort Erie area.

The lawyers at Ted Yoannou and Associates possess the skill and knowledge to defend someone who has been charged with break and enter. Even more, they have extended the services of their practice to the Fort Erie area and are willing to assist anyone who is seeking knowledgeable and skillful help in the defence of a break and enter charge in Fort Erie.


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