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Teen Inappropriately Touched in Burlington

On September 16th at approximately 9 o’clock pm, a thirteen (13) year old female from Burlington, was walking on Palmer Drive near Newlands Crescent  heading to her home when she got a strange feeling that she was being followed.

The teen acted on the feeling by turning around to see if she was being followed, and she noticed a strange man walking behind her.  She then began to pick up her pace allowing herself to gain a good distance from the unfamiliar person she suspected to be following her.

Unfortunately for this young girl, the distance wasn’t enough, because shortly after, the stranger grabbed her wrist, quickly turned her around and touched her inappropriately. Lucky for the teenager she managed to fight her way out of this man’s arms and ran home.

The incident was reported three (3) days after and police say that the perpetrator was a Caucasian male, older than twenty (20). The perpetrator was said to have been wearing a baseball cap, light colored t-shirt and jeans at the time of the incident. The victim also added that the perpetrator had “snake bite” piercings in his mouth.

Law enforcement is urging the public to inform them if they have any information about the incident which took place in Burlington, Halton Region on September 16th.

Law enforcement pleads with young women to always be on guard and aware when they are walking on the streets at night and to walk in groups as much as possible. They also advise people to make a scene by screaming or calling 911, if they are convinced that they are being followed.


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