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Violence in schools is a very broad category that encompasses everything from bullying to physical encounters. A school is the last place you’d like to associate with criminal activity or assault related offences of any kind but sadly it can be a common occurrence. The law has specific ramifications for minors, contained in the Youth Criminal Justice Act and while they are set as a deterrent and consequence, it sometimes doesn’t always have the desired effect.

Protecting your children’s future is as natural as breathing to parents and guardians. If for some reason they have been charged with a criminal offense, your first recourse is to call the law firm of Ted Yoannou Professional Corporation. We house the best independent lawyers who each have vast amounts of experience in the criminal field.

At Ted Yoannou, we understand the damage that charges can cause to anyone’s life, especially someone underage. It’s a common sentiment that youth is wasted on the young, and we see that in some of their more questionable choices every day. We were young once as well, and we know how easy it is to get caught up in the pressures of growing up. It is important to ensure that the right steps are taken to protect your child’s future.

We are confident that we can guide you and your family through the entire process, helping you first understand what the charges are and then your options. Call us for your free initial consultation and let us help get you get your life back. If you need a Brampton criminal lawyer, please start here.

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