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Aurora News

Careless Driving in Aurora

Careless Driving is often confused with Dangerous Driving. But there is a difference. Dangerous Driving is governed by the Canadian Criminal Code, while Careless Driving is a serious offence governed by the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. The understanding is that the charge of Dangerous Driving is a far more serious charge than the one of Careless Driving. Additionally, a  Careless Driving charge, under the attention of a great lawyer can be a reduction to a Dangerous Driving charge. Still, Careless Driving is not without repercussions. An individual charged with Careless Driving in the Ontario area can face the following:

  1. A Fine; A Minimum of $400 and A Maximum of $2000
  2. A Suspended License up to a Period of 2 Years
  3. A Six Month Jail Sentence.
  4. Insurance Risk Points

These repercussions can add up to large amounts of money. Just think about the cost it takes to renew a driver’s licence or the long term expenses that can result from increased insurance premiums associated with risk points. A skillful and knowledgeable lawyer can help an individual navigate the judicial system in order to eliminate the charges or to be given less strenuous and expensive consequences.


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