Recent Case Results

Our office successfully assists hundreds of clients each year with their court related matters. The following are some of our recently completed cases:

Charges: Impaired Driving
Location: Orillia
Result: Charge withdrawn
Comments: Crown Attorneys very rarely agree to withdraw these types of charges but in this case we are were able to put together doctors reports and urine tests to show that our client did not have illegal or improper substances in her system.
Charges: Break & Enter
Location: North York
Result: Charge withdrawn
Comments: The allegation in this case was that our client was part of a construction team working in an apartment building and that he used his master key to improperly access a tenant’s apartment for illegal purposes. We were able to show that our client originally had a valid reason for entering the apartment, although his subsequent actions were suspicious. But, our client was going through some serious personal issues at the time and we put together a package that included counselling, volunteer work and reference letters and the Crown Attorney ultimately agreed to withdraw the charge.
Charges: Domestic Assault with a Weapon, Threatening
Location: Barrie
Result: Absolute Discharge
Comments: This case involved nasty allegations of a young woman assaulting her boyfriend with a weapon in a drunken rage, and refusing to cooperate with the police upon their arrival. Originally the Crown Attorney viewed this as an offence that required a significant amount of jail time. However, we were able to arrange counselling for this client and show that this was completely out of character.
Charges: Over 80 (drinking and driving case)
Location: Newmarket
Result: Criminal charge withdrawn, guilty plea to traffic offence of Careless Driving
Comments: Due to the relatively low alcohol readings, the lack of evidence of bad driving and our client’s prior unblemished driving record, we were able to convince the Crown Attorney to agree to a much less serious traffic offence with a probationary period that included some minor restrictions on our client’s ability to continue to drive. With this result, our client avoided a criminal record and a license suspension.
Charges: Assault, Fail to Remain, Threatening and Mischief
Location: Brampton
Result: Charges withdrawn, peace bond signed
Comments: This was a fairly nasty “road rage” allegation. However, we were able to show the complainant may have been the aggressor and that our client had no prior history of this type of behaviour.
Charges: Domestic Assault and Mischief
Location: Milton
Result: Charges withdrawn, peace bond signed
Comments: This client had a previous lawyer who was unable to persuade the Crown Attorney to withdraw the charges and it appeared the case had to proceed to trial. When we were retained to assist, we arranged another meeting with the Crown Attorney and put together counselling reports and input from the client’s wife, who wanted to reconcile and resolve the matter. We successfully concluded the case soon after.
Charges: Breach of Probation and Possession of Marijuana
Location: Collingwood
Result: Charges withdrawn
Comments: The allegation was that this client breached his probation order regarding communications with a person he was not allowed to communicate with. Also, at the time of his arrest, he was alleged to have been in possession of marijuana. The Crown Attorney was originally seeking jail time, but ultimately agreed to withdraw the charges upon proof of volunteer work being completed.
Charges: Domestic Assault and Threatening
Location: North York
Result: Charges withdrawn, peace bond signed
Comments: This case proceeded to a trial date as the Crown Attorney would not initially agree to withdraw the charges and we advised our client not to plead guilty. On the trial date, we were prepared to proceed but the Crown Attorney finally agreed to withdraw the charges and our client signed a peace bond.
Charges: Theft, Flight From Police, Obstruct Police, Breach of Probation, Possession of Drugs
Location: Oshawa
Result: Guilty plea for a conditional discharge and probation
Comments: This repeat offender was potentially facing more serious consequences in this case involving auto theft, flight from police and drug possession. We were able to reach an agreement on a non-custodial sentence with a period of probation.
Charges: Theft and Possession of Stolen Property
Location: Bradford
Result: Charges withdrawn on the first court appearance
Comments: This client was a strong family man and was seriously troubled by these allegations of shoplifting. We attended on his first court appearance and upon proof of the theft prevention program and charitable donation that he completed in advance, the charges were withdrawn.
Charges: Impaired Driving and Over 80
Location: Scarborough
Result: Charges dismissed after contested trial
Charges: Assault and Threatening
Location: College Park, downtown Toronto
Result: Absolute Discharge
Comments: The Crown Attorney originally insisted upon a criminal record for this allegation of assault upon a female at an entertainment district nightclub. However, upon proof of counselling and a letter of apology, we agreed upon an Absolute Discharge
Charges: Theft and Possession of Stolen Property
Location: Etobicoke
Result: Charges withdrawn
Comments: We arranged for the client to do some volunteer work, make a charitable donation and write a letter of apology. The charges were ultimately withdrawn with the client never having to attend court (so that he could continue to go to work), as we appeared for him.

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